Who we are

Our success would not be possible without the hard-working individuals of the GuruMedia team. We have a unique corporate culture that includes individuals from many corners of the world and all walks of life. We work as one large family to deliver an exceptional experience and 5-star rated support to every GuruMedia partner. What drives our team is a strong passion for what we do and the high ambition to be one of the top leaders in the internet marketing industry.

Meet the team

Daniel T.
Daniel T. Founder & Chairman
Frank M.
Frank M. CEO
Devora N.
Devora N. CFO
Adam L.
Adam L. VP of Strategic Partnerships
Victoria Z.
Victoria Z. VP of Business Dev
Stojan J.
Stojan J. Business Dev Manager
Jade M.
Jade M. Partnership Manager
Ana S.
Ana S. Partnership Onboarding Manager
Raymund R.
Raymund R. Data Manager
Niel G.
Niel G. Data Manager
Nikhil G.
Nikhil G. Social Media Manager
Raviteja G.
Raviteja G. Senior Operations Support
Shravya P.
Shravya P. Operations Support
Naveen V.
Naveen V. Operations Support
Manohar V.
Manohar V. Operations Support
Satya P.
Satya P. Operations Support
Venkateswarlu A.
Venkateswarlu A. Operations Support
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About the company

We’re proud to offer a team of marketing professionals who can work with a diverse collection of clients all over the globe. By presenting an extensive network of contacts around the world, language and cultural barriers will fall by the wayside as we create and implement campaigns for all regions and populations. Today’s marketplace is no longer bound by national borders or languages and Guru Media is the answer to ensuring you can respond to this new reality.

By offering a wide array of solutions fueled by years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals, Guru Media welcomes you to find out how we help you grow and exceed your every expectation…

Here are some of the most popular offers: